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About the IRSRG

The commitment of the IRSRG is to uphold the highest standards of research, evidence, and logic in the pursuit of the truth, wherever that may lead. Most importantly, we believe only through truth can there be reconciliation.

The IRSRG was formed in 2022 as a response to poor standards of research and reporting on the residential school system. We are an unincorporated not-for-profit endeavour guided by a volunteer Board of Directors. Our membership comprises academics and researchers of various backgrounds including journalism, law, anthropology, political science, education, history, and literature. Members have carried out research on Indigenous topics for decades and in that time have published dozens of books, articles, and columns in Canadian and international outlets.

Only through truth can there be reconciliation.

The Indian Residential Schools Research Group (IRSRG) seeks to gather and promote research into the residential, industrial, and day school systems run by or in conjunction with the Government of Canada for a 113-year period ending in 1996.

The IRSRG Board of Directors

Barbara Kay


Hymie Rubenstein


Brian Giesbrecht