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Canada’s woke Liberal government has nothing to say about 90 burned churches


The destruction of the Beiseker Seventh Day Adventist Church last month, brings to at least 90 the number of Canadian churches intentionally torched in the last two and a half years.  (Photo courtesy of the RCMP)

By Brian Giesbrecht

Originally published in The Western Standard on 02 Jan 2024. 


In Canada, the churches are still burning. And nobody in a position to do anything about it reacts. Why?  Churches started burning in Canada after the May, 2021 Kamloops claim that the bodies of 215 Indigenous children — undocumented burials, the children possibly murdered and secretly buried by priests — had been found on the grounds of the former Kamloops Indian Residential School (KIRS.)

The Kamloops First Nation has now updated its claim. But in 2023, more churches went up in smoke, four in Alberta alone in the last two weeks. The most recent was the Seventh Day Adventist church in Beiseker, Alberta, that was torched in the early hours of the Thursday before Christmas.

This brings the number of Canadian churches torched in the last 30 months to at least 90.


On average then, three a month.

Are all of these church burnings directly related to the Kamloops claim?

The answer is unknown for the simple reason that, except for a few cases, the RCMP have not laid charges against those responsible for the 90 or more arson cases.

It is unclear why the police have so far been unable to find and prosecute those responsible, and it is equally unclear how hard they are even trying.

It is also not clear why the Trudeau Liberals, who have been so vocal on the need to protect some groups, have been strangely silent on this attack on our churches — perhaps the most important symbols of our Western civilization.

This is woke governance.

Trudeau and his CBC asked no questions about the highly improbable Kamloops claim. Instead they provided highly emotional (and totally false) “news” about “mass graves,” “human remains found” and “bodies found in graves.”

Instead of remaining objective and providing easily obtainable information proving that the secret burials did not happen, the government added to the national hysteria by immediately ordering flags to be lowered on all federal buildings across the country, in which state they remained for six months. They did this because of that cartoonish worldview — Indigenous leaders represent the oppressed, and must be believed, even though the claim they advanced was not true.

The Trudeau Liberals lent undeserved credibility to the false claim by announcing that $320,000,000 would be made available to any Indigenous community that decided to claim that they too, might have “missing children” in “unmarked graves.” This offer of free money immediately inspired copycat claims, with increasingly nonsensical allegations of bodies of Indigenous children thrown into rivers, lakes and furnaces, deliberately poisoned and murdered in almost every way conceivable.

Meanwhile, the RCMP contributed mightily to this total confusion. Although they had quite properly started an investigation into what was alleged to be a major murder scene at KIRS, they immediately stopped the investigation when they were criticized by former TRC Commissioner Murray Sinclair for quite properly questioning the inexperienced ground penetrating radar operator who provided the report that initiated the original claim — a report that turned out to be based on false assumptions, a report prepared without the necessary preliminary research.

Bizarrely, the RCMP turned over what was claimed to be a murder investigation to the T’kemlups Indian band.

That is when the churches started burning.

The secret burial claims are rubbish. There was no real evidence to support them in the first place. The mainstream media and the federal government were completely reckless and irresponsible in their handling of the claims from the beginning. The respected journalist Terry Glavin, in his masterful takedown “Year of the Graves”, has shown in detail just how incompetent and irresponsible they were.

Now, in a recently published book, Grave Error, Tom Flanagan and Chris Champion tell in detail how the false claim came together and then fell apart. They also describe the reckless opportunism of Indigenous leaders and the RCMP’s shameful abdication of responsibility.

WATCH: Nigel Hannaford talks with Tom Flanagan

But what to do about this. How to stop the churches from burning, and how to tell Indigenous people that these claims were never true — that there never was a genocide?

Indigenous youth have now been embittered and radicalized by false information, perhaps permanently. How do all our important institutions climb down from the web of lies they have actively promoted, and begin to undo the damage they have done?

The fact is our leaders have no idea what to do. The government has overseen a mess of epic proportions, but instead of fessing up, they continue to talk about “bodies found,” “probable graves” and “thousands of missing children.” They know that they are spreading false information, but their commitment to their woke ideology — and worry about losing votes — wins out over telling Canadians the truth.

This doesn’t bode well for Canadians.

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