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“This is a low point in the history of Parliament” – Thomas Flanagan Interview with Candice Malcolm

Dr. Thomas Flanagan joined the Candice Malcolm show to talk about Grave Error, the book he co-edited with the Dorchester Review’s Dr. C.P. Champion.

From the show description:

Many Canadians believe utter falsehoods about Canada’s residential school program. After an absolute bombshell of an accusation leveled by in 2021 – that human remains had been discovered in unmarked graves near a residential school in Kamloops BC – the legacy media took these accusations and weaved together one of the most destructive fake news narratives in Canada’s history.

On today’s episode of The Candice Malcolm Show, Candice is joined by author and historian Dr. Tom Flanagan to discuss his new book, Grave Error: How the Media Misled Us (And the Truth about Residential Schools).

Dr. Flanagan walks the audience through the real history behind residential schools and discusses many of the falsehoods Canadians believe about this program. They discuss why and how the media got this story so wrong, the incentives behind the false narrative and their efforts to correct the record on this issue.

Dr. Flanagan explains how a moral panic led all Parliamentarians to unanimously support a motion falsely and recklessly declaring that Canada committed ‘genocide’ – calling the episode a ‘low point in the history of Parliament.’

You can buy a copy of Grave Error here: Every Canadian should read this important book!”

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